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App Review

1,000 words

Description: Produce an analysis of an app drawing from the methods and techniques introduced in the first three weeks of labs. The review should contextualize the app you have selected and discuss its significance, analyze permissions and trackers, and reflect on findings. In addition, it should make links to at least two key concepts from the required reading lists from the first five weeks and include at least one reference to a recommended further reading, which can include additional references from the lab worksheets. The review must follow a conventional academic format for presentation, including citations and a bibliography. The manifest document of the app should be included as an appendix to your submission.

the labs will be a brief discussion of your results or any challenges that you found in decompiling your own app. The main part will be an exercise to use these tools. You will need to install the  R language ,  RStudio, and use the Markdown file provided to install the software required. You will also need to find and download your own APK file.