Briefing Book for Prof Tutor Only**


week 5 SOPH 603

Rosa takes stock

“So far…

“The bill was filed.”

Schoolhouse Rock: How a bill becomes a law

“Staff are up to speed on the evidence base, perceptions, pros and cons for a SSB tax.”

SB 420: Relating to a tax on sugar sweetened beverages

Walker, with Lee, Gorowara, Heisenberg, and Rowling as


“At Dr. Benika’s request, they’re also weighing other policy options to suggest to Senator Walker.”

Blank mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Let’s see…policies on SSBs that aren’t a tax; active living;

healthy eating; medical care; …and any wild

thing you can think of.

But no strawmen.

“Briefing Book and Policy Memo are coming along.”

Staff have made good progress looking at the

potential public health impact of the

policy options. But like Mom always


It’s all fun and games until you

have to think about feasibility!

We still have some work to do to

convince ourselves that any of these options will fly…

…before we can respond to Senator


But Betty, the department’s Director of Government Relations, reminds Rosa…

Walker’s bill will be scheduled for a committee hearing any day now.


By the end of the week, we need to finalize planning of

a stakeholder meeting.

What we need is some Deliberative


Betty’s right– there’s no time to


• The four stakeholders with their interests;

• The agenda based on democratic deliberation principles;

• And the one-pager for the moderator that can serve as a guide to democratic deliberation, mediation, and negotiation.

So, got that? Three deliverables, three pages: