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Technological Use in McDonald's

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1. Describe how technology is providing support for meeting the organization's (McDonald's) goals.

Technology has helped McDonald's organization to meets its goals in numerous ways. For instance, the use of artificial intelligence has helped to enhance the ordering process. In addition, using technology in the customer service bench helped serve more customers more efficiently and faster (Akcam, 2020). Thus, this has helped in promoting a positive customer experience with the McDonald's brand. Additionally, the use of technology in talent management and performance management has helped reduce bias and errors during these processes. Therefore, the implementation of technology in these processes has helped to improve their effectiveness.

2. What do you see as one weakness and one strength of how the company (McDonald's) uses technology to support its goals?

It is evident that overreliance on technology is a significant fundamental weakness that McDonald's possess. These organizations rely entirely on the use of technology; however, this can prove to be so detrimental to the organization. These technological machines tend to fail at times and lead to delays in customer services. Additionally, they can give erroneous outcomes if they deem faulty. On the other hand, McDonald's has a stable financial state that acts as its strength implementing technological advancements as they change with time (Akcam, 2020). Such technological advancement needs lots of funds to be implemented; therefore, the good financial state of McDonald's is an advantage to them.

3. What are two suggested strategies you would propose to enhance the company's (McDonald's) structure, so it is more responsive?

McDonald's should work on the differentiation and cost leadership strategies to make its structure more responsive. Many firms dominate the food industry, and the only way to achieve a competitive edge is to stand out. Therefore, McDonald's should produce products and services that are more unique and superior to their competitors; thus, this is known as the differentiation strategy (Hacque et al., 2021). Additionally, they should integrate the cost leadership strategy in their operations. This strategy involves producing similar products to what the competitors have; however, selling them at a more affordable process (Hacque et al., 2021). These two strategies will help McDonald's to maintain its competitive advantage and become more responsive.


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