Leadership Book Presentation


Creative Presentation Guidelines

Created by Jeannie Short, MSN, RN


Indiana Wesleyan University

Post-licensure (RNBSN) Program


Learning Objectives

To identify characteristics of an effective presentation in the Post-licensure Nursing Program at IWU.

To select the appropriate format for delivering a presentation.

To design a group of slides and become familiar with toolbar items for the PowerPoint program.

To list elements that make a PowerPoint presentation consistent.

To use graphics, art and photos, and creative presentation techniques discriminately and effectively.

Selecting a Background Design for PowerPoint Presentations

When using an LCD to project your presentation:

A blue/dark background is recommended

Dark colors are more soothing to the eye

Bright white is glaring and visually tiring

This is hard on the eyes….


This background is very bright….

Notice how the lettering gets lost on this bright background……

This is also considered hard on the old eyeballs…..

Creative Commons

Be Consistent

Let PowerPoint be your guide

Use the layout designs in PowerPoint

Use consistent colors and fonts throughout the presentation

Each content slide should have a heading.

Use consistent font size for all headings and capitalize major words in a slide heading.

Use consistent capitalization

Be consistent in punctuation

If you use a period after a bulleted point, continue that throughout the entire presentation

Select Readable Type Size

PowerPoint will automatically adjust font size depending on how many characters are on the page.

If you have too many elements on a page, PowerPoint will decrease the size of the font

Size 20 font is best for slide information

Try to center the words on the page

No need to use complete sentences

Font Type

Use a straight font (no curly feet)


Gill Sans

A straight font is more legible on both computer and projection screen.

Serif fonts are more legible in print

Times New Roman


Outline Formats Are Easy to Follow

Use bullets, not numbers

Bullets imply no significant order

They are easy to follow on a slide

Use numbers only to show rank or sequence

Open PowerPoint

Select design


Adjust Lettering to Discriminate or Emphasize

Make titles a larger type size than body elements (size 36-44 font)

Emphasize important statements or words with BOLD, italic, larger size or different fonts

Titles may be in a different color than body

Choose Colors Carefully

Color wheel can be your friend

Complement & contrast

Light color text on dark background

Consistent color throughout presentation

Microsoft clipart obtained from Microsoft Office Online

Use Solid Colors Instead of Fill Patterns on Charts

Patterns on bars or pie slices cause confusion

Solid colors convey a clear bold message

East 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 20.399999999999999 27.4 90 20.399999999999999 West 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 30.6 38.6 34.6 31.6 North 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 45.9 46.9 45 43.9

The first slide should contain the same information that is included on a title page:

Title of Presentation

Your Name

Faculty Name

Course Number/Name


Creating a Title Slide

David: Courageous Biblical Leader

Nancy Nurse

Faculty: Carol Bence

NUR 415: Leadership and Management in Nursing

Indiana Wesleyan University

August 1, 2018

Use of Clipart

Add Clipart where appropriate

Use only to accentuate or illustrate

Animations should only be used to demonstrate a point

Use creative commons for images that are not copyrighted and can be cited without a reference (as shown)

Creative Commons

Can you Find the Fracture?

Click and See

This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Pictures and Bitmaps

Pictures can also be used to illustrate or accentuate a point

Allow plenty of room around image borders

Image courtesy of Jean M. Short. Used with permission.

Use the title “References” on a reference slide(s).

Model a reference page with sources in alphabetical order.

Make sure all sources on the reference slide are associated with a slide citation.

Use the same left margin and hanging indent for reference entries.

Use consistent font size on the reference slide.

Single spacing may be used on all slides including the reference slide(s).

The Reference Slide