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#35626 Topic: Article Assignments

Number of Pages: 1 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 3

Writing Style: APA

Type of document: Article Critique

Academic Level:Undergraduate

Category: Healthcare

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions: Attached

I have an assignment which consist of two different articles. I will provide instructions for both articles.

For article 1: Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Health-care Utilization among children in the U.S.

Instruction: PLEASE READ!

This is an article critique assignment for a research method class. Attached is the article.

Please critique this article implying research method strategies. DO NOT summarize the article but to provide a CRITICAL EVALUATION that goes above and beyond of what is already in the article, and be specific.

Basically, in short 4-5 sentences find any potential biases due to sampling or non-sampling errors (Non-response errors, coverage error, poulation etc..) that are in the article. See how they experiment the study using telephones or other types if surveys used to see if there should be an alternative or an error.Is underestimated or overestimated? Is there an alternative sampling strategy that would minimize or eliminate some of these biases?

The 2nd article: Number of medicaid prescription grew, drug spending was steady in medicaid expansion states. It is 5 questions that you would use the article to answer them. I will attach it as well. One or two sentences is fine for each. I will understand if you cant do question #5 cause it's graphing, I'll figure it hopefully.

Thank you very much!