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An 86-year-old male parishioner is on hospice care at home, and his daughter, who is a nurse, has been trying to meet all his physical needs around the clock. The pastor, who made a home visit, calls the faith community nurse to express his concern that the daughter is becoming "burned out." How can the faith community nurse engage the faith community as a whole to provide volunteer support to this family?

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The faith community nurse can educate community members and facilitate group learning, especially in disease management and faith, wellness concerns, and behavior that affects the community's population. This would motivate community members to support the family, therefore decreasing the workload for the daughter of the patient. The nurse can encourage the population by requesting support through expounding the points of view and making people to ''understand'' another perspective (Balint, 2015). Advocacy can come in many forms, and it may include prayers with or for clients and their families. By advocating and requesting support from the community, the community can sympathize with the patient's family, thus offering their support.

           By liaising between the patient and the community of faith, the caregiver can influence access to health services and support networks in the local community (Balint, 2015). This leads to better management and coordination of care to the patient with the help of the community. The community can be engaged by educating and organizing volunteers to support the patient. Through this, the community members can offer their voluntary services with ease, giving the patient's daughter an easy time.

           As a community member, the nurse can work to provide the patient with care and limit complications. He/she can be a role model, which can then encourage the community to offer their services voluntarily. By forming partnerships with other communities, there can be a promotion of health and achievement of goals concerning the patient. Faith community nurses are a group of committed individuals who practice nursing in faith-based individuals. Their ability to convince the community to offer voluntary services is vital to patient care and the community's overall wellbeing.

Professor question: Burn out is a serious condition that can lead to both care giver health problems and patient safety issues. It is critically important to recognize the initial signs of "burning out" condition and timely address the issue. There are multiple ways to lesser the pressure and stress of a care giver. Those include minimizing the work load by eliminating some duties; this can be achieved by introducing additional caregiver or another family member. In addition, one can introduce stress reliving activities such as massage chair, relaxing music, or just taking an extra outside walk, even reading an inspirational book. But the main help would definitely come from the faith community who can and should support the family both with physical help and spiritually.

 What are other specific ways they can reduce stress and burn out?

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The faith community nurse plays a lot of role in the community when it comes mostly to anything to do with the homecare. The faith community nurses' role is so many depending on what is needed at a particular time in society. Most of the faith community nurses usually come from health ministry transformation, which means that just like all the ministry personnel, their in the society to make it a better place by empowering people to do many things. They bring health solutions to the community and most of all empowering the community to ways in which can make the society at large to be more successful.

In this way, the faith community nurse is usually trusted by all communities. In most cases, the community will always be ready to help the faith community nurse do things (Brown, 2016). For the 86-year-old male parishioner who needs home care, the community can be convinced to provide volunteer support to the family in different ways. The first way in which a faith community nurse can do to convince the faith community as a whole by simply teaching and explaining to them what the older man is suffering from; in doing that, the nurse should also explain the condition of the family and prove that the family needs support.

Also, the faith community nurse has the role of being a coordinator of the health ministry volunteers. The nurse can take advantage of that and make the faith community at large intervene in the volunteering of the older man who needs the community's support. Finally, the faith community nurse can start by helping the family; these will set an example for the reset, and eventually, they will all come in and support the older man and all the family at large. The faith community nurse should be a trusted person meaning that the community will entrust their love ones health in their hands.

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