Assignment 1 (4284)


20Grading Criteria for Written AssignmentThe highest potential points for the written paper are 35-points.

1.The assignment is located in the course syllabus and assignment tool bar.

2.APA format required.

3.Paper must include two references. One reference from anEnglish titled, peer-reviewed nursing journal less than fiveyears old and one from your course textbook. Nationalprofessional, governmental, or educational websites (.org, .gov, and the course textbookmay be used as supplementalreferences.

4.Students must justify the need and obtain approval from theprofessor prior to submitting any discussion postings orwritten assignments that use non- nursing journals/textbooksor references more than five-years old. Assignments submitted,as described above, without prior approval will be graded aszero (0).

5.Submit to the assignment drop box by due date noted in course syllabusand class calendar.

6.Papers submitted more than 3-days past due date or without a title orreference page are not acceptable and will be graded as zero (0