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Project Outline - Electric Self-driving Vehicles for Tesla Inc

Jennifer Moore

PROJECT OUTLINE for Electric Self-driving Vehicles for Tesla Inc 1

Southern New Hampshire University

About Electric Self-driving Vehicle

The automobile industry has increasingly become competitive as different companies continue to develop and introduce unique and quality products into the market. Tesla Inc. has been famous and renowned for its electric vehicles product that has strategically placed in the company in the market (Lee, 2022). However, apart from the electric aspect of the vehicles, Tesla is going an extra mile of introducing different designs of electric vehicles with self-driving ability. In this new product, an advanced technology would be installed where information would be fed into the vehicle’s system on expected destination. With the help of google maps and other map installed, the vehicle would automatically identify the route to use to move from current location to where it is expected without any form of human control.


· To increase company’s local and international market share

· To increase competitive edges of the company

· To increase sales and overall company profitability levels

· To raise the innovation bar in the automobile sector in local and global levels

Target Customer

The electric self-driving vehicles from Tesla Inc. targets people with no ability to drive for instance those with no driving license and also those that would like the freedom of not driving at all. This means that there are people who would like to own vehicles but do not like the responsibilities that comes with driving (Lee, 2022). This is to mean that they appreciate the comfort of moving from one point to the other in their vehicles and also embraces new ideas delivered from advanced technology.

Market Opportunity

The target market is highly potential since there are a lot of people that prefer hiring taxi services despite them owning vehicles for fear of driving in busy streets and highways. Also in the United States, it is illegal to drink and drive and there are a lot of people who appreciate enjoying their drink knowing that the self-drive vehicle will take them to their destination safely. It is a great opportunity that would be embraced by many people. According to Kirkpatrick, (2022) there is a relatively big number of people waiting for the self-driving vehicles.

Financial Opportunity

Upon the completion of designing the new products and presenting them to the market, it is expected that cash flow would increase leading to high revenues being generated. The more reason is that self-driving vehicles are likely to be costly than other vehicles while the demand would be high from the convenience involved. The situation hence translates to mean that financial outcomes would be positive for the company.


Designing a new vehicle is an uphill task that demands time to make sure that all aspects of designing and manufacturing are in place. This is because any error can be extremely costly for the business and clients. For this reason, the entire project is likely to take approximately 1 year to have the new product completed and at least two months to have it launched into the market. Within the year, professionals would take time to draw their designs and determine the specific features and parts that must be present to make the new product work beyond consumers’ expectations in order to attract and maintain good customer base. Moreover, pilot tests ought being done to ensure that the vehicles works as expected and eliminate instances of costly errors that might tarnish the image of the company.


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