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As you begin this course, you are asked to read essays that present the many economic, political, social, physical, and psychological consequences of a wave of change called globalization. Your reaction to the ideas found within these essays will depend, largely, on who you are and on the everyday world you live in as you expose yourself to the varied perspectives in the essays. In this Application, you describe your place in this wave of change.


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To prepare for this Application:

Read the Emling article and the assigned essays in Chapter 6 of the Muller text.


Reflect on the strongest and/or most influential contributors to your perspective that can be considered your present, everyday world. Is it family or community, your job or career, your race or gender, your religion, or some other factor?



The assignment: 

Write a 1- to 2-page essay that describes your identity as it existed before you began your class readings. 


For example: How did you or would you define yourself—as a worker, a father, a daughter, a community member, a Hindu, or a Christian? What was most important to you—the price of gas, religious freedom, or a living wage? How big or small was your world—five square blocks, one state, or many countries or continents? How culturally, politically, economically, or religiously diverse was your world? How aware were you of the world outside of your immediate environment?


As part of your essay, in 2 to 3 paragraphs also reflect on your relationship with people in other parts of the world. Who are they to you? Who do you think you are to them?



Refer to 2 specific examples from your course reading and record in your assignment information about each source, including author, year, page number, and publication title.


*Note:  I will send you (the writer) a separate document on my identity and a run down about my life so it can help you with writing part of this essay.

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