Your Experiences with Writing



Your Experiences with Writing


Scholarly writing is an intricate component of your graduate work. A useful first step toward improving your writing skills is to examine your past experiences with writing, including your writing strengths and opportunities. From there, you can target your needs accordingly.


For this Discussion, you will explore the various resources and guidelines outlining an effective writing process and some common writing terms. You will also review the current state of your writing skills and share thoughts and experiences with your colleagues.


You will also use this Discussion to help tailor the individualized feedback provided by your Instructor throughout the duration of the course. Please be honest in your self-critique: it is the best way to make improvements.


To prepare for this Discussion:


·         Review and complete the Self-Assessment found in the Learning Resources to develop your needs and goals for this course.


·         Reflect on your writing skills and identify two skill strengths and two skills for improvement.


·         Consider particular writing strategies that you currently using to build those skill strengths.


By 05/31/2017@5:30 pm


Post a 1- to 2- paragraph reflection on your writing skills, identifying two writing skills that you want to improve upon during this course. You may also include two writing strengths or strategies that may support your current writing process. Try and incorporate the terms from the Walden University Writing Center website in the Learning Resource for clearer definitions. Be sure to connect your scholarly writing skills with professional and academic goals, as well.








Writing a Paper: Overview:


The Writing Process and Brainstorming:




Effective Summary:


Academic Integrity and Plagiarism:




MEAL Plan:


Paragraph Transitions:


Effective Organization:


Scholarly Voice:


Using Feedback:


Scholarly Voice:




S.M.A.R.T. Goals:






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