XBIS 219 Week 7 CheckPoint Internet Privacy

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XBIS 219 Week 7 CheckPoint: Internet Privacy




Review Ch. 3 in the text.


Evaluate how information privacy and security relates to the Internet, which is the major information conduit for businesses and individuals.


Write a paragraph of at least 200 words addressing the following: Explain how your expectations for Internet privacy differ for the following situations: Accessing the Web at home, at work, and in a public setting, such as a library computer lab or Wi–Fi zone. What is the basis for your expectations? Is it legal to use your neighbors’ wireless Internet signal? Is it ethical? Explain your reasoning.


Post your CheckPoint in the Assignment section of eCampus.


Note that any citations should follow APA guidelines.




DQ 1. What are the three fundamental tenets of a code of ethics? What ethical issues can arise with the widespread use of information systems? What preemptive measures can a business take to avoid ethical problems?




DQ 2 What are the basic provisions of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act and the USA Patriot Act? What effects are these pieces of legislation having on information security? What measures have businesses implemented to ensure they are in compliance?


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    XBIS 219 Week 7 CheckPoint Internet Privacy

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