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This Reflective Learning Paper (50 points) is based on your primary learnings of this course and how this will add value to your future learning and professional objectives. First, define what does supervision, management, and leadership mean to you in your words (use supporting citations from which you have constructed your meaning from your text or outside sources). Second, describe if you have had any of these experiences (i.e. management, leadership, and/or supervision) in your life so far that is have you been responsible for leading, managing, and/or supervising something or someone. Third, highlight your primary learnings in this course, and how it will add value to your current and future positions. Cite and Reference your textbook. Fourth, you need to reflect and address what is it you wish to accomplish with your degree (education) – career goals and what have you learned from this course that will help you in you achieve yourgoals and build a successful career. Then, provide a strategy that you will do to reach your goals. To conclude this paper, please research a tool, website, or book that you will review next to continue your professional and personal development and why you selected these resources. Please provide one resource for professional and one for personal or one that helps both professionally and personally in your development.



The paper is to be double-spaced five pages in length with citations and reference list in APA Style – Sixth Edition.



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