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  1. Devise an effective voice and awareness of audience.
  2. Identify the importance of accurate, concise, and high quality writing for school, work, and everyday life.
  3. Effectively and accurately revise and edit writing.

Argumentative Letter (50 points) Submit to the Dropbox no later than Sunday night.


Write a 4-paragraph letter (approximately 1 page long) using at least 2 types of rhetorical appeals on the following topic:
Label the rhetorical(s) appeal used at the end of each paragraph.


The President of Brown Mackie College is considering a proposal that would ban the use of cell phones on campus. What is your position on this issue?Support your position giving strong evidence for your reasons.


Consider the following classical model format:

Paragraph #1 Introduction

Paragraph #2 Argument “for” your position

Paragraph #3 Argument “against” your position

Paragraph #4 Conclusion

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