Writing Assignment ONLY FOR Hifsa Shaukat



Writing Assignment #3



ONLY FOR Hifsa Shaukat


  •   Your assignment is to write a five paragraph expository paper

  •  Topic: One of the few things most economist agree upon is that free trade benefits all

    parties that are involved. However, some argue that free trade leads to environmental degradation. Explain why free trade could lead to environmental degradation and how free trade could actually help the environment.

  •   Make sure to apply the concepts you have learned so far in the course

  •   The body of your paper should be no more than 3 pages.

  •   Your assignment must be typed double spaced. (APA Format)

  •   Failure to follow APA format will result in a 10% reduction in your score

  •   One inch margins all around the page.

  •   Font 12, Times New Roman ONLY.

  •   You must have a Cover Page, a References page, and an Outline as requested in APA (abstract is


  •   The assignment is due on Friday 7/24/2015 by midnight. If you do not turn

    in your writing assignment you cannot pass the course.

  •   The use of Wikipedia, Investopedia, Yahoo answers, any other internet blog, or

    question-answer websites as a source is not acceptable and will result in a 10%

    reduction in score.

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