write two page 1st page on report and 2nd pages on opinion


1- Your assignment is to look in to developed, disseminate and collect practice data for a survey that I made about iOS or Android. you will find the data of the survey ready on attachment 


2- After you analyze the data you will prepare a written "one fully page report" on what you learned from the survey.You will attach a copy of your report.  


3- Along with your professionally looking report,you are to turn in "an additional one fully page" sheet with the following explanations:  A) What you learned from this assignment and B) Your personal opinion about doing a survey this way.


So total pages are two no more no less and please do not write on the top of the page write your name. I only need two page about the assignment 


Note: me who made the survey,this is the fist time i made a survey. so you can mention that on (seconed page part A). Also I want you on first page use statistics please.


You will find on attachment  the questions of the survey as well as the collected data for survey to use them


If you have any question ask me.






this is the likn of the survey  

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