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 1Functional Specifications

Design a Verilog program that performs the basic arithmetic and logic operations (ALU) on two

3-bit binary inputs, and displays the outcome on 7-segments.

• Arithmetic operations: addition and subtraction

• Logic operations: AND and OR

• Displaying results:

– For addition and subtraction: display the result using decimal digits

– For logic AND and OR: display the result using binary digits


2 Objectives

Demonstrate the ability to

1. program in Verilog to describe digital logic circuit on behavioral and gate level;

2. use Xilinx ISE for coding and synthesizing the logic design;

3. use Spartan 3 development board to implement and verify the design.



i want like this cods  to use in the  Xilinx program 

this is Example 


module seg7(bcd, leds, control, enable);
input [3:0] bcd;
input [1:0] control;
output reg [1:7] leds;
output reg [3:0] enable;


always @ (control)
  case (control)
  2'b00: enable = 4'b1110;
  2'b01: enable = 4'b1101;
  2'b10: enable = 4'b1011;
  2'b11: enable = 4'b0111;


 always @ (bcd)
  case (bcd)
  4'b0000: leds = 7'b0000001;
  4'b0001: leds = 7'b1001111;
  4'b0010: leds = 7'b0010010;
  4'b0011: leds = 7'b0000110;
  4'b0100: leds = 7'b1001100;
  4'b0101: leds = 7'b0100100;
  4'b0110: leds = 7'b0100000;
  4'b0111: leds = 7'b0001111;
  4'b1000: leds = 7'b0000000;
  4'b1001: leds = 7'b0000100;
  4'b1010: leds = 7'b0001000; 
  4'b1011: leds = 7'b1100000;
  4'b1100: leds = 7'b0110001;
  4'b1101: leds = 7'b1000010;
  4'b1110: leds = 7'b0010000;
  4'b1111: leds = 7'b0111000;
  default: leds = 7'bx;

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