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First, secure access to the Wall Street Journal via one of the three ways specified in the “How to Access the Wall Street Journal” . Once you have access, choose articles (not small, 2–4-paragraph vignettes) that cover any five of the following subjects: -Economic growth -Federal government taxation -Banking -Unemployment -National debt -Monetary policy -Inflation -Fiscal policy -Stock Market -Federal budget -Social Security -Exchange rates -Federal government spending -Interest rates -Foreign economic issues For each of your five articles, do the following on 1 page: 1.Provide the article title, the author’s name, the article’s section and page number, and the date of publication. 2.On the next line down, type the subject of your articles in all caps and bold format. 3.Explain the author’s purpose for writing the article. One way to understand the author’s purpose is to ask yourself why he or she wrote it. (For example, consider current and future events, politics, weather, or anything else that may have inspired the article.) 4.Summarize the article. 5.Discuss the unintended consequences of the author’s purpose. (Note: All of the economic subjects listed above will have unintended consequences.) Combine all of your 1-page reviews into a single Word document for submission.
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