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You will have an opportunity to earn ten bonus points (one letter grade increase) by watching a movie involving a criminal trial and writing a 2-3 page report thereon.  You will be required to give (1) a brief background of the facts surrounding the movie, (2) state the crime(s) that defendant was charged with, (3) how the person’s actions met (or did not meet) each element of the crime, and (4) whether there are possible defenses to the crime if it was indeed committed. 




  Each requirement will be worth 2½ points.  Proper grammar and style will play a role in your grade.  Therefore, please proofread and use spell-check. The report must be typed in Times New Roman with a 12pt. font, double-spaced.




Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of 2½ points.




Movie Examples:        A Time to Kill


                                    My Cousin Vinny


                                    The Lincoln Lawyer


                                    Ghosts of Mississippi


                                    To Kill a Mockingbird


                                    Law Abiding Citizen


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