week5 Write a program to assign the integer values 1 through 25

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1.Write a program to assign the integer values 1 through 25 to a 25-element integer array. Then, print the array as five separate lines, each containing five elements separated by commas. The last element on each line should be followed by a newline instead of a comma. The output of your program should appear exactly as follows:





·One way to determine every 5th element is to use the modules operator (%). If you divide the subscript by 5 and the remainder is 0, it is the 5th number.

·You can use System.out.print() to print a value without a newline following it. This allows you to print multiple things on the same line.


2.You may use the Windows Command Prompt command line interface or any Java IDE you choose to compile and execute your program. You are to submit the following deliverables to the Assignment Dropbox in a single Microsoft Word file:

a. A screen snapshot of your Java source code (just the beginning is OK) as it appears in your IDE (e.g., jGRASP, Net Beans, Eclipse, etc.) or editor (e.g., a Windows Command line more of the .java file's first screen).

b. A listing of your entire Java source code in the same Microsoft Word file as item a), and following item a). You can simply copy and paste the text from your IDE into Microsoft Word. Be sure to maintain proper code alignment by using Courier font for this item.

c. A screen snapshot of your program’s output in the same Microsoft Word file, and following item b).


Your instructor will compile and run your program to verify that it compiles and executes properly. You will be evaluated on (in order of importance):

·Inclusion of all deliverables in Step #2.

·Correct execution of your program.

·Adequate commenting of your code.

·Good programming style (as specified in the textbook's examples).

·Neatness in packaging and labeling of your deliverables.

Deficiencies in any of the above areas are subject to deductions in each area, based on the severity of the deficiency.

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