week 28 ASAP


me ____________________________________              Model of H atom – Lab 28


Go to 


and click on Run Now.



  1. Turn on the White light gun.  The white light is shining into a transparent box containing hydrogen gas molecules.
    1. Explain why, with white light, the light photons passing up through the box have different colors.



  1. Check the Show Spectrometer box.  Notice that the color of the photons passing up through the box corresponds to a wavelength of UV, visible, or IR radiation.
  2. In the Light Controls, click on Monochromatic.  Notice that the incoming photons are now all the same color.  A spectrum slider appears that allows you to change the energy of the incoming photons.  Move the slider across the spectrum from ultraviolet (UV) down to the infra-red (IR).  Notice the color of the lamp and the photons moving up the screen.  Decide how you can distinguish between UV and IR photons.  Record that information below.



  1. Switch the Light Controls back to White light
  2. Move the Slow…Fast slider all the way over to Slow
  3. Watch the photons carefully.  Most of the light gun photons pass through the box of hydrogen unaffected.  Occasionally a photon is absorbed by something in the ? box and a new photon of the same energy (color) leaves the box.
    1. Describe what is going on in the ? box.






  1. Move the Slow…Fast slider all the way over to FastReset the Spectrometer, and let the simulation run for 1 minutes.
  2. After 1 minutes, click on the Spectrometer camera to take a snapshot of the Experiment
  3. Describe what is happening to the spectrum below.  Include in your description the colors, estimated wavelengths, and relativenumbers of stacked colored balls.  These colored balls correspond to photons emitted by the ? box.





  1. Slide the snapshot off to the right of the screen for later comparison with the models.  
  2. Close the Show Spectrometer box
  3. Remember that John Dalton proposed that an atom was simply a very tiny hard ball. To see this simulated, in the top left corner, switch from Experiment to Predict and highlight the Billiard Ball model.
  4. Move the Slow…Fast slider all the way over to Slow and describe what is happening below.



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