Week 11 Discussion 1 and 2 with three references for each discussion question


Week 11 Discussion 1

"The Entrepreneurial Mind-set" Please respond to the following:

  • Much has been said about the entrepreneurial mind-set. Evaluate several personality characteristics as they impact the probable likelihood of entrepreneurial success. Determine a list of descriptive words to suggest the most likely personality characteristics of an entrepreneur.
  • Give your opinion about whether an entrepreneur needs a specific type of personality. Explain why or why not.

Week 11 Discussion 2

"Lessons Learned" Please respond to the following:

  • After taking this class, suggest your best advice to a friend who is thinking of starting a small business. Determine the top three (3) lessons you have learned.
  • Propose to your friend a simple and quick method for initially analyzing the feasibility of a business idea.


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