Website with Bootstrap Help?



1.    Create a website using Bootstrap with a minimum of three pages

a.     Template/theme use is encouraged

                                                   i.     The following templates are available on Webcourses

1.    Bootstrap_Theme_Analystics.html

2.    Bootstrap_Theme_Blog.html

3.    Bootstrap_Theme_Marketing.html

4.    Bootstrap_Theme_Online_Store.html

5.    Bootstrap_Theme_Portfolio.html

6.    Bootstrap_Theme_Social.html

7.    Bootstrap_Theme_Webpage.html

                                                 ii.     Free templates are also available at URL


2.    If not automatically included in the template/theme, be sure to include each of the following Bootstrap capabilities.  Code examples for all of these are available on Webcourses.

a.     Carousel

b.    Navigation bar

c.     Glyphicons

d.    Tooltip or Popover

e.     A form for users to contact person/business

f.      Badge or label


3.    Comments as necessary; a minimum of one comment identifying the author and date


4.    The directory structure of the website must be in good form:

a.     Parent folder of the website has the index.html file only

b.    An html folder for all other pages of the site

c.     An images folder for all images

d.    Pathing must be relative not absolute



5.    Submit the assignment in a compressed format that includes all resources (.zip, .tgz, .tar, etc…)

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