Visit the Web site of your choice and explore it thoroughly.  Prepare a report analyzing the various functions provided by the Web site and its information requirements.  You report should answer these questions:

1) What functions does the Web Site perform?

2) What data does it use?

3) What are its inputs, outputs, and processes?

4) What are some of its other design specifications? 

     5) Does the Web site link to any internal systems or systems of other organizations?

     6) What value does this Web site provide to the firm?


Submission:  Submit your responses in a report format (i.e. do not just list one-line answers numbered next to the questions) in a 1-2 page document.  A cover page is not required, but ensure that you follow APA guidelines for formatting and references.  At a minimum, you should have your chosen Web site as a reference.  Attach your document to this assignment content area.

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