water resources engineering


a square parking lot of 250m on a side. the surface of the lot is planar, sloping to one of its edges. along the downstream edge is a gutter, this gutter drains the entire lot and is sloped from both ends toward a sewer inlet at its center. the time of concentration of the lot is estimated to be 20 min, of which 18 min accounts for overland over the lot surface and 2 min accounts for travel down each half of the gutter.assuming the rational formula is applicable with a runoff coeeficient of 0.75 which of the following storms will yield the highest peak runoff? what will be the peak runoff rate in each case?
a)100mm/h for a duration of 10min
b) 25mm/h for a duration of 40min
c)15mm/h for a duration of 66.7 min

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