Use an IDE to create an an application in c++ that does the following.


In this assignment, you will continue working on your application. You will use arrays, strings, and numbers to represent the products selected by the customer and their quantities. You may use the sample code

as the template.
  • Create a new C++ empty project titled "CS115_IP4_YourName" in the IDE.
  • Use 2 arrays: one for the products, and one for the quantities.
  • Use loops to assign values to the arrays.
  • Use loops to read and print values from the arrays.
  • Reuse the functions that you developed in Week 2 and the customer class that you developed in Week 3. Changes can be done as needed.
  • Complete the following in your code:
    • Provide a list of available products
    • Ask the customer to select products and quantities
    • Save the provided details in arrays
    • Read from the arrays to print the order summary; that is, the products, quantities, and the total price for each product
    • Calculate and print the total price for the order
  • Compile and run the application to demonstrate a working program.
  • Insert the screenshots into a Word document, and add a short explanation on each screenshot.

Finally, save your Word document as “yourname_IP4.docx”. Click the “Edit” button on this submission node to submit the saved document.

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