Unit 4 Assignment


Assignment: Interviewing and Interrogation

You are continuing the investigation of a possible embezzlement fraud scheme at Emerel Company. Read the Emerel Case Study here. You have determined that your next step is to conduct some interviews and you have developed the following list of potential interviewees at the Emerel Company and at the company bank:

Emerel employees:

John Smith, President

Mary Chernet, Head Bookkeeper

Susan Smith, Assistant Bookkeeper

Money Bank employee:

Larry Jones, Officer at Money Bank, where Emerel Company’s bank accounts are located


  1. Explain the five types of interview questions.
  2. Discuss some behavioral, verbal, and nonverbal clues of deception.
  3. Determine in what order you will conduct the interviews and explain why.
  4. Develop a list of questions for each of the 4 interviewees.

Submit your 2–3 page paper in APA format to the Assignment Dropbox.

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