transformational leadership


Chapter 12 in our text introduces the concept of Transformational Leadership. This concpet of leadership has been shown to be extremely powerful for three reasons. First, it is relatively easy to determing what leaders are practicing it by assessing the frequency with which they use specific behaviors. Second, it is relatively easy to teach leaders to employ transformational leadership by teaching them to employ specific types of behaviors in specific situations. My own research has shown that a signficant increase in transformational leadership behaviors can be achieved in as little as 120 days. Finally, transformtional leadership has been shown to be highly correlated to organizstional effectiveness, innovation, employee morale and job satisfaction in professional, civilian, military, and other organizations around the world.


Go to the following website:


Read the short description of transformational leadership and the "4i's", the four components of transformational leadership behavior.


Pick a leader with whom you have dealt and assess the degree to which they exhibited each of the four components. Use specific examples. Given the overall description and definition of transformational leadership, would you classify the individual as a transformational leader?

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