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1.Why are research and marketing critical to the success of developing tourism attractions and destinations? What are some of the various research methods, and how is that information used?

2.If you were director of a major city's convention and visitors bureau, how would you use travel research?

3.Why are research findings so important to intelligent decision making?

4.As a consultant, you are researching the feasibility of a new resort hotel project.  What procedures would use, step by step?

5.Let's discuss tourism trends that are expected to develop in the future. How will new technologies impact tourism?

6.What might be an obstacle (or two) to the optimistic projections of increased international tourism forecast as outlined by the author in Chapter 20?  Support your answer with citation(s)

7.Intelligent, creative, sensitive tourism developments can actually improve the environment and heighten the appeal of an area. Give examples of how this might happen.

8.What do you think the future of space tourism will be?  Provide a detailed response.

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