three discussion question


1.       Please read the article Cult Brands by Melanie Wells and then provide a critical analysis. The article can be found at:

                          You should address the following issues:

a.Provide a brief summary of the key idea(s) the author is trying to communicate

b.To what degree do you agree/disagree with these ideas and why?

c.Regardless of your answer in (b), how would you rate the job the author did in explaining and supporting the ideas presented in this article?

d.Not using an example already stated in the article, provide an example website or video illustrating the concepts discussed and briefly explain why it is an appropriate example.

2.             Project is Mary Kay, what basic marketing research would you conduct in order to arrive at the creation of the message for your project’s specific good or service? What is that message? How would you best express this message in terms of your project’s total concept, i.e., one of words and visuals?

3.            With chapter 7 and 8 concepts and terms in mind, what are the greatest similarities and contrasts between the approaches of Novartis and ESRI (the subject of this week’s mini-case)?  (Mohr, J., Sengupta, S., & Slater, S. (2010). Marketing of high-technology products and innovations (3rd       ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. ISBN-13: 798-0-13-604996-8  )

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