Teacher Leadership



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Part 1(Week 2): Action Plan- Using the BonCurr Action Planning Guide, create a graphic organizer that articulates the 

following: 1) identified issue or challenge to be addressed, 2) evaluation of the issue, 3) mission statement for the plan, 4) 

SMART goals, 5) action steps to realize the completion of your project

Part 2(Week 2): Webliography- This project must be grounded in current and relevant research. You will use your research 

to define the project, resources, and expected outcomes.

Part 3(Week 3): Teacher Leader Vision Statement- This statement should succinctly and briefly articulate your vision as a teacher leader (no more than 2-3 sentences). 

Part 4(Week 5): Self-Assessment- who you are as a leader, your skills and vision must articulate with your project. Use the comparative analysis paper from week 5 to write a 1 page description of you as a teacher leader and how the skills and dispositions you possess will help you to succeed in the project. 

Part 5(Week 6): Benefits to the Stakeholder Letter (parents, teachers, students, community, administrators)- Considering 

your goals for this project, write a letter to the stakeholders describing the role you’d like for them to play in helping you 

succeed in this endeavor. The letter should also include the benefit to the stakeholders.

Part 6: Timeline- Think about how long it will take to see this project come to fruition. Think about all the people who will be 

involved, resources that will be needed, and any other details related to the project that will take time. 

Part 7(Week 8): Presentation of your Project- Creatively produce a presentation for your project that includes the above 

components. You have to be able to “sell” this project to administrators, colleagues, parents, and students. Included in the 

presentation should be the following: 1) mission 2) goals, 3) issues and background 4) action steps 

There is flexibility in the format of this project. Please choose PowerPoint presentation 

Alternative presentation upon approval of instructor

Please use APA style. 

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