Systems Implementation


What are the major components of a systems migration plan? Compare and contrast the different conversion methods. Select one and discuss why you feel that it would be the best approach to a migration. Are there circumstances in which one method would be better than the other? 






The different types of conversion include:


  • Direct Conversion (abrupt change) turns off the old system and turns on the new one instead.

  • Parallel Conversion (more gradual approach) enables both systems to run in conjunction until the new system becomes fully implemented

  • Pilot Conversion is when the new system is implemented on one site and if it is successful, the system gets installed at the remaining locations.

  • Phased Conversion is when all sites get converted in accordance to a set schedule.

  • Simultaneous Conversion is when each site is converted at the same time assuming and assuring that users are trained and knowledgeable to perform the task.


    The Parallel Conversion would be the best approach to a migration, although each project will be different and its circumstances might direct towards a different type of conversion. This method, however will undertake the less risk, and time to complete the process which would be deemed beneficial in the long run, although it is deemed as one of less cost effective methods considering that both systems will be operations for some time or at the same time.

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