Summarize article follow guidlines, all must be in APA format paper



If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.  This is a common phrase used when dealing with challenges in management. Finding a way to meet the challenges by presenting a variety of solutions allows for the opportunity to not only effectively use one of these solutions, but a chance to find a unique approach.  

Each student reads, researches and analyzes the attached case using the principles and concepts studied in this course.  To assist you in this quest, please make sure you download the AMA 8-Step Case Study Guide as it will show you what to look for when analyzing the case.  Additionally, remember the case should be written in APA format with sound critical thinking.

As a group, decide on a decision of what should be done, backed by sound reasoning.  Use the 8 step guide to prepare ONE (1) group case paper to submit to the appropriate link by day 7. Each of the steps should be used as a header - and don't forget a conclusion.

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