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Module 7 DQ 1 - 300 words

From an organization/firm perspective, why are talent management, leadership, and change/renewal so critical in today's world? Support your answer with specific examples.

Module 7 DQ 2 - 300 words

In your opinion, who is the best CEO/leader you have heard of or read about? Why?

Assignment - 300-500 words

Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule for the Capstone Project

Review "MGT-660 Capstone Project Overview."

Based on the organization you selected, write a critical risk assessment and milestones schedule of 350-500 words (plus a spreadsheet) that addresses the following (guidelines):

Describe the preferred timing and objectives of your business plan. Include an Excel spreadsheet with critical decisions and dates.

What contingency plans will you have in place for any issues that may arise?

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