As the director of human resources for the state’s new program for vocational training, you want to use some type of screening tool for identifying staff who have the necessary vocational skills, academic skills, and pedagogical skills to provide high-quality, marketable skills to the state’s students. You believe you will need to comply with federal guidelines for employment “certification tests,” which require that employment certification tests have documented properties of content validity, predictive validity, and construct validity.  In a few sentences each, describe a study or method of measuring the vocational staff certification test in each of the following types of validity:




26.  Content validity:




27.  Predictive validity:




28.  Construct validity (one type is sufficient):




Context for Questions 29 through 31:


You are choosing an 8th grade mathematics assessment to use as the dependent variable for your “mathematics content for teachers” professional development intervention study.  You find two tests—one named MATH and another named MATICS.  You also find some information about their reliability and their correlations with an assessment that has been normed on a national population of children—the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP.  Below is the information you have on the two tests:






Reliability Coefficient (rxx)

Correlation with NAEP Math

Correlation with NAEP Reading












29.  What does the reliability coefficient of .95 tell you about the MATH assessment in terms of the amount of measurement error in the assessment?  What does the reliability coefficient of .75 tell you about the MATICS exam’s measurement error? (Be as specific.)






30.  What does the correlation of .70 with NAEP reading tell you about the validity of the MATH for measuring mathematics knowledge?  What kind of validity does this correlation coefficient address?




31.  Given your answers to questions 29 and 30, as well as the other information you have available, which assessment do you think would be better to choose as your measure of mathematics achievement? Defend your answer.

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