Staff Meeting


This assignment you will be given a "staff meeting" scenario. From that scenario, you will prepare an agenda for the staff meeting. Make sure you do an internet search on agenda writing if you need to.

You are the HIM Supervisor and your manager has asked you to call a staff meeting to discuss some issues that have come up over the last few weeks. The employee benefit plan is changing and HR has asked that department managers hand out informational packets. The HIM Department will be changing their hours from open 18 hours to open 24 hours a day. This will change some staff schedules and also require hiring of additional staff. Dr. Jones is retiring at the end of the month and the department will want to recognize this is some way. Monthly statistics have been released and can be shared with staff.

Prepare a meeting agenda reflecting the topics stated above. A quick Internet search on agenda writing should give you a good idea of what an agenda should look like.

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