Spanish Homework


Please make it clear which is for which. Thanks


Assignment 1:

Write a paragraph about your daily routine specifically during the mornings (5 sentences minimum).  Use at least 4 reflexive verbs (see lección 7 for more information on reflexive verbs).  This paragraph should be in the present tense because it describes a typical routine.

Grammar reminder:  A complete sentences always has at least one conjugated verb.


Assignment 2:

Understanding Direct Object Pronouns and Indirect Object Pronouns is rather important as we continue in our Spanish studies.  We learned those two concepts in Spanish 1, but we continue to use that in this course as well.

1. Go to this web page to read the tutorial on Direct Object Pronouns:

2. Then, go to this web page to read the tutorial on Indirect Object Pronouns:

3. After you have reviewed those two pages, make a post here in this discussion area asking a question in English related to this specific topic of Direct Object Pronouns and Indirect Object Pronouns that you don't quite understand or is not quite clear.  Be very specific.   I will work on responding to your questions and reply to you here. Or, if you feel you understand those topics well and you don't have a question, then you can post some sentences in Spanish using Direct and/or Indirect Object Pronouns and I will give you feedback. 

Just make something up please. 

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