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Every culture has rituals that may be misunderstood or seem 'abnormal' by another culture.  For example  you are visiting the U.S. for the first time. You have lived all of your life in a village in the rain forest. Your host family takes you to a large place where people spend tokens to purchase items and you witness the following:  " Parents who have dressed their children in their finest clothing; stand in line for an hour; pay a person dressed in red with pointed ears some type of token; and place their screaming child on a large man's lap to have some sort of light go off in their face while laughing and pointing at their child"  what would you think?  Of course I have just describe having our children's picture took with Santa Claus.  Discuss a ritual or event you think could be misunderstood or seem 'abnormal' by another culture. 



In U.S. culture the media has a strong influence on our behaviors.  Commercials on television, the internet, and at the movies are elaborate and try to connect their products to what we consider desirable behaviors (our values).  

I want you to watch 10 commercials.  Provide me with the following information on each commercial:

1. What was the product?

2. What was the hidden value (what desirable thing will happen if you use this product?)

An example of this would be a commercial related to buying life insurance for your young child's hidden value is 'a good parent will make sure their child's future is secure by buying this product for them'.

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