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Write a 4–5 page paper on the topic “Why academic and professional ethics matter.” In your paper, include relevant support from the unit readings, podcasts, and 1–2 additional outside sources for a minimum of three sources. Cite your sources with both in-text citations and a complete references page, following APA formatting guidelines.

Your paper should:

  • Clearly define academic and professional ethics and summarize the importance of each one.

  • Examine the Kaplan plagiarism policy and explain the three levels of consequences for plagiarism violations and four specific ways to avoid a charge of academic dishonesty.

  • Provide five examples of how academic or professional careers can be impacted by personal choices.

  • Include a plan of action for maintaining academic and professional ethics.

  • Contain a clear thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion.

Please note: This Assignment will require outside research. Use at least three outside research sources to support your paper.

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