Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment:Determining Relevant Assets


This week, you add to your Scholar-Practitioner Project by identifying assets and creating an asset map for the community you selected. An asset map may be a visual representation or a descriptive narrative. 

Consider the assets identified in the articles and media and their potential benefits to a community public health program. Think about the qualities that make certain resources serve as assets to a community, and why some resources may not be of benefit to a particular community public health program. Then, think about the assets in your own community that could be integrated into your community health assessment featured in your Scholar-Practitioner Project.

The Assignment (4-5 pages):


Create an asset map that includes the following:

  • Describe the primary community assets available in your Scholar-Practitioner Project community and explain why they are relevant.
  • Select three assets you identified. Explain how you might integrate the asset into a potential community health assessment and public health promotion program that would address the problem you selected for your Scholar-Practitioner Project.
  • Use Resources and current literature to support your response.
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