RMON and etherStats TableWith using RMON, the statistics


The statistics are in the form of counters that start from zero when a valid entry is created. The statistics group provides useful information about the load on a sub-network and the overall health of the sub-network. Since various error conditions are counted, such as CRC alignment errors, collisions, and undersized and oversized packets.


 Based on your understanding of the topic, create a 4- to 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document, answering the following:


 1. Conduct a research on the etherStats Table, which collects a variety of counts for each attached sub-network, including byte, packet, error, and frame size counts.


2. Choose ten different counters found in this table and discuss in detail how this information would help a network administrator diagnose potential issues in the network.


3. Give examples of how one would make modifications, based on the information found in the etherStats Table.


Document must meet this criteria;


 * Analyzed and explained ten different counters from etherStats Table


* Analyzed and described the information stored for the ten different counters.


* Explained how the information would be used to optimize network.


* Provided examples of how to change network, based on information gathered and analyzed from etherStatsTable.

* Analyzed the counter information in the etherStatsTable in the dropbox message box


* Written components

* Support your responses with examples.

Cite all sources in APA format.



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