please provide approximately 1 paragraph for each question.



"Communicating Change" Please respond to the following:




•Present an argument as to which strategy discussed in Chapter 10 of the Palmer textbook would be most effective in communicating change within the organization where you currently work or one where you have worked. Identify one communication practice you can foresee yourself using in the future along with the expected benefits.




Week 9 eActivity .


•Use the Internet to research communication channels within the workplace and whether they have changed over the past two decades. Be prepared to discuss.




•From the e-Activity, indicate at least two communication channels within the workplace and assess how they have evolved over the past two decades.




"Failure to Communicate" Please respond to the following:




•Reflect on a situation in your professional life or the professional life of someone you know well, where a lack of communication has created a negative outcome. Describe the situation and indicate the three most significant factors that caused the communication breakdown.


•Based on the recommendations made in Chapter 6 of the Kotter textbook for communicating effectively, propose at least two strategies that you could have implemented to improve the communications process in the situation you described in the first part of this discussion..

2 strategies:  Listen and be listened to and walk the talk or lead by example

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