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After reviewing the material in the e-textbook, the modules, and the information in the weekly lecture/discussion topics, begin the process of planning and drafting your resume.  Choose a chronological or functional resume, and follow the guidelines discussed for readability, clarity, and conciseness.  

Be sure to keep the number of pages to one or a maximum of two (if you have a lot of experience).  Do not let the content spill over onto the next page unless it takes up the entire page.  If it goes onto a second page, reformat, rearrange and edit the resume to reduce the number of lines.  REMEMBER: When writing your resume, every line is precious.  Bullet points should not spill over to the next line with just a few words.  If it does, edit the content to reduce the words so you “get that line back.”

Compose your resume and your cover letter.  Then, assume you have been offered the position, and write a follow-up letter to the person who offered you the job with either a formal acceptance, which will include a polite thank you for the offer, confirming the title, starting date, salary, and other critical details.  OR, write a follow-up letter to the person who offered you the position and request a short extension of time to make a decision, providing the reason.  The reason could be that you have committed to additional interviews and you do not want to cancel them, or you are waiting to hear from other companies following an interview.  Be sure to state when you will be able to provide a definite decision.

Keep in mind that a single typographical error or misspelling on a resume or cover letter can cause it to be thrown out and for you to lose that job opportunity.

Save and Submit 

Even though you would clearly not typically submit a letter, resume and follow-up letter in the same document, for this assignment please put all your items into one single document: Cover letter (1 page), resume (2 pages maximum), follow-up letter (1 page). Save the document as YourNameEmployment.docx and submit to the assignment folder.





HR Compensation Consultant - Atlanta, Georgia

Emory Healthcare -  Atlanta, GA

Posted: 1/13/2016


Job Title HR Compensation Consultant




Emory Healthcare Inc.


442500:EHI Human Resources








8 AM - 5 PM




JOB DESCRIPTION:Serves as the front-line consultant to Emory Healthcare operating units, providing technical guidance / support for compensation practices, including, but not limited to base pay and job design.Responds to internal client inquiries, including, but not limited to:ad-hoc market pricing requests, analysis of compensation issues, classification requests, special analyses, etc.Collaborates with operating/business unit leadership and HR management to assess and understand unique business needs; formulates appropriate alternatives and solutions that meet Emory Healthcare policy and unit need.Assists in developing and implementing compensation strategies.Designs and delivers requisite information pertaining to salary administration including internal equity analysis, market analyses, etc.May price jobs in the external labor market, based on job content. Builds financial and costing models. Independently manages small and mid-sized projectsDesigns and implements a communication strategy designed to maximize compensation knowledge of business unit needs.May monitor macro and microeconomic trends related to human resource management, the labor market, and pay practice trends.Benchmarks compensation practices to peer institutions as needed.Performs related responsibilities as required.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources Management, or a related field. Three years of professional HR experience, with one years in compensation administration or HR consulting.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS (MediumMax 25lbs):up to 25 lbs, 0-33% of the work day (occasionally); 11-25 lbs,34-66% of the workday (frequently); 01-10 lbs, 67-100% of the workday (constantly); Lifting 25 lbs max; Carrying of objects up to 25 lbs; Occasional to frequent standing & walking,Occasional sitting,Close eye work (computers, typing, reading, writing), Physical demands may vary depending on assigned work area and worktasks

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Factors affecting environment conditions may vary depending on the assigned work area and tasks.Environmental exposures include, but are not limited to:Blood-borne pathogen exposure Bio-hazardous waste Chemicals/gases/fumes/vapors Communicable diseasesElectrical shock , Floor Surfaces, Hot/Cold Temperatures, Indoor/Outdoor conditions, Latex, Lighting, Patient care/handling injuries, Radiation , Shift work, Travel may be required. Use of personal protective equipment, including respirators, environmental conditions may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks


This role will be responsible for providing customer focused compensation analysis and consultation forEmory Healthcare’s employee pay programs to include advanced practice provider compensation, employee recognition, the clinical certification award and other special pay programs. Strong MS Excel skills are required and MS Access experience is preferred.

EEO/AA/Individuals with Disabilities/Veteran Employer




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