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Need a 200 words minimum response for each with reference by Thursday.


Text: Marketing Strategy, Ch. 2: Strategic Marketing Planning



The Marketing Plan



Marketing Plan Structure



The purposes and significance of the marketing plan.



Traditional versus market-oriented organizational structures.



Watch the instructional video by clicking on the® link.

Type the title "Writing a Marketing Plan" in the Search Bar to find the video.

Watch the following tutorials from Section 3:

Understanding Different Formats for Marketing Plans

Consider the following as you watch:

How business and organizations must utilize a wide array of marketing strategies and tactics to active marketing goals and objectives

The importance of creating and consistently following a marketing plan.



How do vision, mission, and goals differ? How do each of these relate to the development of a marketing strategy?



Describe the concept of customer-focused planning. Why is this marketing approach important in today’s business climate? 



The strategic plan process



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