Research proposal plus annotated bibliography


Research Paper Proposal

5 points

Write Proposal in the following format:


Your Name:

Professor: Kyeongheui Kim


  The topic is "do more guns lead to less crime"

Subject/Topic of Presentation and Paper


Reasons for your position


Discuss your Research Paper in the following aspects:

a.     Why this issue is important.

b.     Your Thesis/Claim [The thesis/claimis generally a sentence or two] and reasons for your position(s). – 5-7 sentences for both thesis and reasons.

c.     How you are going to discuss your point in your paper in 4-5 sentences.


Discuss how you are going to prepare yourself for debate in 4-5 sentences.


Annotated Bibliography

5 points

Annotated Bibliography is a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources (at least 4 sources). Each source needs one or two paragraph summary.


Sample MLA Annotated Bibliography: (Remember to double-space throughout the paper.)


Last Name 1

Your name

Professor’s name



Title: An Annotated Bibliography


Albright, Kay. “It is all about myself.” Western Oregon Journal Dec. 2014: 3. Print.

Your one paragraph summary/evaluation begins here.

Kim, Kyeongheui. New Experience in Monmouth, Oregon: Calm, Quiet Environment. New York:

WOUP, 2014. Print.

Your one paragraph summary/evaluation begins here.

Maddow, Jim. “It is better to know about myself before I come to know others.” Western Oregon

Journal. WOUP, Dec. 2014. Web. 5 Jan. 2015.

Your one paragraph summary/evaluation begins here.




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