Research paper on Children of Military Parents 8 to 10 pages


A. Describe/define your specific topic including characteristics of population affected by identified problem or condition?

B. What role/part does violence toward children play based on your selected topic?
C. Discuss any recent or current legislative/political action that may be going on in relations to your topic?
D. How is this particular issue being addressed? Discuss a particular model or approach that has been useful in addressing the issue related to your topic?
E. Explain why this particular model or approach is beneficial?
F. How is progress monitored?
G. What are the strengths and limitations?(identity barriers and obstacles). What else do you believe needs to be done to address this problem?
H. Identify some of the more prominent ethical issues related to your topic?
I. Conclusion: what are the implications for a teacher or social worker's professional conduct and behavior?
The research paper is to be written in research format that includes a cover page,an outline,introdutigon,body content and summary/conclusion. The above information is to be incorporated in the paper using an apa format: double space and minimal of 8 to 10 pages in lengt.
Include cover page,outline page and reference page.
find or construct an ethical scenario that can be used to depict your point or perspective in addressing ethical issues that may be related to your topic.
this paper needs to be plagiarism free.
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