Reflection Papers


I have write 3 papers that call refection for my journals, I will give you the instructions for the reflection

Already I wrote my journals, and I want from you write the reflection paper, only 3 papers

Also can you add in my journals , keep track of your daily water consumption and steps walked to include as a note in your journal/log.?? Because I didn't write about water consumption

These are the instructions:

1. To keep track of behavior change (depends on the topic) a log/journal daily or weekly must be maintained. (In a diary or note book as per choice). No need to type.

2. Write a three or four pages long paper (reflection of your experience). Compare your behavior/negative habit with US population using relevant data and statistics. Describing about why you chose the particular behavior/habit to change? How did it affect your overall health? How did you approach to change the behavior/habit?  Did you have any set back or obstacles to overcome to reach your goal? Did you need to make any radical change/s in your life style? How did you resolve the challenging situation? Did you finally succeed? Would you continue the new life style incorporating the new behavior? How did you or how would you reward yourself for your efforts?

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