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  • Download the reading assignment worksheet (Word Document - posted above).
  • Answer the questions (#1-10) based on the reading selections from Week 2 [Hansen, “Introduction” from The Silk Road: A New History + “The Silk Road: Crossroads and Encounters of Faiths” from The Silk Road: Connection Cultures, Creating Trust].
  • Some questions are short answer (1-2 sentences), while others are fill-in-the-blank. All answers must be typed. Use complete sentences unless otherwise specified. Short answer questions are worth 2 points each, fill-in-the-blank questions are worth 1 point each (for a total of 15 points)
  • After answering the 10 questions, use the remaining space to write a brief summary of class readings. The summary should cover BOTH readings within 3-4 sentences total, and be written in your own words. Summaries must be typed and use complete sentences. Summaries will be graded out of 5 points for completeness and accuracy.
  • SAVE your completed worksheet, then PRINT IT OUT.
  • Write your name in the top right-hand corner, then bring your completed reading assignment worksheet to class.


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