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This document provides policies and guidelines for the deployment and usage of wireless technology in our SOHO environment. Our office is 2,900 square feet with seven full-time employees. The office has a good balance of open and private space. There are no physical obstacles that might interfere with the WiFi. The purpose of this document is to inform users what is and is not considered acceptable use of this technology so that all the wireless users are protected and inappropriate use of wireless technology is prevented. The danger of inappropriate use includes the introduction of viruses, network attacks and other legal issues. Therefore, to protect the assets of NeuroGimmicks, the IT department has compiled these guidelines and rules.

Network Requirements

            All wireless devices must meet the following criteria:

·         A minimum of Windows XP Service Pack 2

·         The latest Microsoft/iOS updates

·         Up-to-date anti-virus software

·         A compatible 802.11 a/b/g wireless adapter

·         An 802.1x compliant adapter

Given the nature of our work, we require higher bandwidth than most companies. The bandwidth requirement for NeuroGimmicks is 500 Mbps. Since we are using Cisco routers, Cisco IOS, which is a built-in software in the router has a fault tolerance setup configured that uses a combination of Multiplexing and Gateway Daemon. We will only have one access point.


General Policy:

      Since the available bandwidth per user decreases as the number of users increase, please be considerate to other users and not run applications that utilize bandwidth unnecessarily. Refrain from running high bandwidth applications and operations such as downloading large music files and video from the Internet.

Usage Policy:

·         All wireless users who have their own laptops will have access to the Internet.

·         All wireless users need a User ID and will be required to sign a Wireless Usage Policy.

·         The company won’t be responsible for connection failures, Internet service disruption, hardware failures or non-compliant software.

·         Above and beyond the normal network usage policy, wireless usage will be monitored to gauge bandwidth, system traffic and data transmission levels.

·         High usage of bandwidth must be related to work.

·         Viewing of pornography or dating sites during work hours is restricted.

·         Access to the router is denied to other users so its configuration isn’t changed.

·         A download limit of 50 GB per day is allotted to every user.


·         Installation of wireless equipment like a bridge, switch or a router is prohibited.

·         Devices that run on the same frequencies as the wireless Ethernet used in the office should be reduced or else it will interfere and disrupt wireless network communications.

·         The password for the PC and the password for access to the WiFi should be difficult to guess or else an outside attacker can gain access to the PC and introduce a malware into the network.

·         To change password, contact the IT department at XXX-XXX-XXXX

·         File sharing should be disabled on your computers unless you absolutely have a need

·         Although our router has a firewall, consider installing personal firewalls on your laptops

·         Anti-virus should be up-to-date. As a recommendation, Avast’s antivirus runs adequately and should suit every user’s need.


·         Remote management over the Internet is not allowed. 

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