Lab 8:  Radiocarbon Dating


Background:  In this virtual laboratory activity, we will investigate radiocarbon dating (also called carbon-14 dating), a very important and useful chemistry application.  Your laboratory report should be saved as a .doc file, and should be submitted to the Lab 8 dropbox by the last day of the unit.  Questions?  Just ask!

Laboratory Procedure:1.  Go to this website. (

   You will notice that the website contains 12 pages (12 screens).  In order to advance from one page to the next, you first need to correctly answer each of the questions on the current page.


2.  Answer the questions on each page, correcting your answers as needed, until you reach the end of the activity (page 12).  Copy and paste each question into your laboratory report, followed by its correct answer (not all of the multiple choice options).



3.  When you have finished, find another website that describes an application of radiocarbon dating other than dating fossils.  In one well developed paragraph, explain the application you discovered.  Include the full web address of the website you found.

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    Radiocarbon Dating

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