Question 1 2.5 points Save __________ is a series of processes in which an organization selects and arranges its businesses or services to keep the organization viable even when unexpected events disrupt its businesses, markets, products, or services.
Question 1 answers Strategic planning SWOT Value proposition Threat analysis Question 2 text Question 2 2.5 points Save __________ are a measure of the impact a business’ activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change. Question 2 answers
Carbon footprints Hydrogen footprints Toxic wastes Greenhouse emissions Question 3 text Question 3 2.5 points Save In order to manage performance, a fundamental requirement is __________. Question 3 answers using real-time dashboards and reporting tools being
able to measure knowing that the indicator is measuring the right thing b and c Question 4 text Question 4 2.5 points Save Which of the following is not an impact of the mass migration of users from PCs to mobile devices? Question 4 answers It has improved
the privacy of users and security of corporate networks. It has expanded the scope of information systems beyond traditional organizational boundaries. It has torn down the walls between business, professional, and personal lives. It has made location irrelevant
to a large extent. Question 5 text Question 5 2.5 points Save Concern about environmental damage and reducing a company’s carbon and energy footprints on the planet has triggered efforts for __________. Question 5 answers data centers EPA green IT RFID Question
6 text Question 6 2.5 points Save Data errors: Question 6 answers are difficult to correct the later they are detected. expose the company to legal action. may never be detected and corrected. all of the above Question 7 text Question 7 2.5 points Save Which
of the following is not an example of a routine business transaction for a manufacturing company? Question 7 answers purchase orders payroll consolidation billing Question 8 text Question 8 2.5 points Save Decision support systems are __________ that support
unstructured and semi-structured decision making. Question 8 answers interactive applications reporting applications operations support systems process control systems Question 9 text Question 9 2.5 points Save Sony’s managers notice a significant change in
demand for the company’s eReaders. They request that reports be generated so they can learn more about this situation. What is this type of report? Question 9 answers Periodic Exception Ad hoc Functional Question 10 text Question 10 2.5 points Save __________
is the term used to refer to the Internet. Question 10 answers Shadow Cloud Tag Chain Question 11 text Question 11 2.5 points Save Currently, most Internet content flows freely through networks maintained by __________ that __________ Net neutrality. Question
11 answers large telecom companies, oppose government agencies; favor large telecom companies, support government agencies; encourage Question 12 text Question 12 2.5 points Save How are social media influencing business strategies? Question 12 answers Businesses
that used to develop sophisticated ways of getting their message heard must now develop sophisticated strategies for listening and responding to what their consumers are saying. Now organizations have the technology and capability to fully control both the
message and the medium. Businesses are switching to a strategy of broadcasting a single message to a mass audience worldwide to establish brand identity instead of spreading multiple messages. Question 13 text Question 13 2.5 points Save Businesses can use
online communities as a platform for all of the following except: Question 13 answers prospecting for customers identifying customer perceptions by conducting surveys providing support services to customers, such as by answering questions encouraging customers
to share their positive perceptions with others; e.g., word of mouth Question 14 text Question 14 2.5 points Save In its corporate communications, Facebook is using the term __________ to refer to the global social network and reflect how we are all connected
to one another through relationships. Question 14 answers mashup LinkedIn semantic Web social graph

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